About Fawohodie Retreat


Mission and Vision


The Fawohodie retreat seeks to build participants up in the most holy faith and create the atmosphere and facility for them to pray in the Holy Spirit for effective results. Jude 20, James 5:16  


Our vision is to build a center of redemption for God’s people where people can run to meditate on the word of God and to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
The center of redemption would also be a place where people would come for their spiritual uplifting and deliverance from demonic powers. – Colossians 1:13-14


About Fawohodie Retreat

The Fawohodie retreat is a non-denominational spiritual led event where participants from all over the world come together to pray Luke 4:18

The retreat is held in Houston, Texas led by the Houston congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as a direction given to Rev. Frank Addo by the Holy Spirit. The 2018 Fawohodie Retreat is coming soon from November 29th to December 2nd, 2018. We are expecting participants from everywhere to draw near the Lord’s Table of testimonies and take their portions.

You may be one of us, and may register now by clicking on the “register” button or calling +1 713-550-3113. Your donation would as well be a blessing Believers from all over the world are welcome to come rally together and lift up our prayers and worship to the Lord. Mathew 18:20.