Fawohodie Retreat

The Fawohodie retreat is a non-denominational spiritual led event where participants from all over the world come together to pray Luke 4:18.
The retreat is held in Houston, Texas led by the Houston congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as a direction given to Rev. Frank Addo by the Holy Spirit.

Our vision is to build a center of redemption for God’s people where people can run to all year round to meditate on the word of God and to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
The center of redemption would also be a place where people would come for their spiritual uplifting and deliverance from demonic powers.

What will you gain from this Retreat?

  • Healing
  • Liberty from family curses
  • Offloading of burdens
  • Spiritual elevations
  • Re-kindle your relationship with God
Your donation would be a blessing for the building of a center of redemption. Donate Now
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